Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reggae Rising Makes Second Batch of Major Announcements

                                                            Photo Credit: Calabash Music

So far seven performers, including returners Tanya Stephens and Sly & Robbie, are set to blaze Piercy, CA for the 2nd annual Reggae Rising Festival. With a runnning slogan including the phrase "accept no substitutes," organizers People Productions may still be coming off as a bit cocky, considering the fight they had to go through to start the first one. Then again, these announcements seem drive the nail even further into the coffin for rival organization the Mateel Community Center, in regards to who will hold a reggae festival, whether it's billed as "Reggae on the River" (under Mateel's direction) or "Reggae Rising" (under that of People Productions).

Early bird camping and three-day general admission tickets are now available, at $160 and $40 a pop, respectively. Find out more about the announcements here.

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