Monday, March 24, 2008

Super Chikan

Photo Credit: Resource Entertainment Group

Super Chikan

The nephew of Big Jack Johnson, James "Super Chikan" Johnson has an ability on the electric guitar that more than makes up for his stage name. On his most recent album, Sum Mo Chikan, he uses a very spare band (drums, bass, and piano) and nothing else throughout, and this instrumentation comes in handy when Johnson takes a solo, because his fretwork always turns out to be note-perfect, fun and compelling. The kind of sound that Johnson focuses on isn't one that you've never heard before, but it does have an excellent consistency that you're not likely to hear from many other blues guitarists.

Personnel (w/Fighting Cocks): James "Super Chikan" Johnson (vocals, guitar), Laura Craig (keyboards), Harvell Thomas (bass), Dion Thomas (drums)

Upcoming: Springing The Blues April 4-6, Juke Joint Festival April 19

Chikan Playing "Hookin' Up"

Video by charleyb1968.

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