Saturday, September 15, 2007

Challenging logistics at TBB

So many things are perfect about this festival that I was surprised to find the press facilities far less than perfect. The biggest issue is no Internet, which explains the delay in getting these blog items up.

I'm writing now Friday afternoon after the Grace Potter set. It was another star-power performance by Potter, but we got a further disappointment afterward when we learned she would not be making herself available to media. It puts a crimp in my plans for a video featuring Potter. Maybe not fatal. We got some footage and stills of her main stage set, and will be on hand tonight at the Sheridan Opera House for her late night set. I can follow up with a phone interview that would go with the images we have have.

(Now it is the next morning and I'm ensconced at Baked in Telluride, a top hangout for locals and festival-goers--partly for the great baked goods and coffee but also for the free wifi. Anyway, we didn't get into the Sheridan Opera House last night to see Potter's late night act, so the video is getting shakier. We'll move on to some other targets. Maybe The Radiators.)

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