Friday, September 7, 2007

Wrapping up Bumbershoot

By Karen Martin

Good morning after to all of you die hard Bumbershoot fans. Yesterday was kissed goodbye by Wu Tang Clan at the main stage and Steve Earle at the Starbuck’s Stage. Many went to see the Greyboys Allstars and Solive at the Esurance Stage, but the majority were split between the other two stages. Attendance was good, and there were still people pouring in the gate at 9:30 last night for all three stages. The Starbucks Stage turned out to be a nice new innovation, as not everybody feels the need to drink beer while they are watching live concerts.
The Rain Goddess was especially generous as she waited until after the crowds had been pouring out the gate for at least 30 minutes before she decided to wash the Bumbershoot Grounds clean. Yes folks the majority of the kids go back to school on Wednesday and that means as the rain continues to pour this morning that winter is here.
I hope all that attended were happy. I know that we made new friends and that they will return next year. For all that attended thank-you for making Bumbershoot 37 a memorable one and here is to all the hard working individuals who worked late into the night all of you had gone home--volunteers and paid staff as well. For another year, goodbye and see ya next year at the 38th.

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